HIV Positive Man Who Decapitated His Aunt And Uncle Is Facebook Live Streaming His Getaway


Chilling stuff.

Facebook Live has enabled anyone with an account to pretty much stream whatever they’re doing right there and then for anyone who wants to watch and most people have kept it decidedly PG-13 so far, but the video below is definitely one of the most inappropriate and chilling uses of it that we’ve seen.

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It involves a guy from Oklahoma called Michael Vance, who is accused of murdering his aunt and uncle on Sunday and decapitating them and then proceed to shoot two police officers and steal their car to make his getaway. He’s now been on the run for three days despite updating everyone of his movements in Facebook Live videos which you can see below.

The video isn’t too graphic but it’s pretty disturbing as Vance is seen in a bloodsoaked t-shirt driving a car with a couple of guns by his side and talking about how he’s coming for people with these guns and is planning on stealing another car right there and then:

Jesus. Apparently Vance has a hitlist that he’s working through – these people have been notified by the authorities – but he’s still at large in Oklahoma after a three day search for him. Scary.

To make him sound like even more a of a horrific individual, Vance was already set to appear in court over charges of sexually assaulting a young girl in a couple of weeks. There are also rumours going around that he’s HIV positive and is ‘looking to spread the disease’ according to local cops.

What an absolute waste of fucking life. Let’s hope he gets caught soon before he does anymore of these updates or harms anyone else.

For another completely gross use of Facebook Live, check out this guy who apparently shot himself whilst live on Facebook after he got dumped by his girlfriend. Honestly not cool.


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