Hitler, Gangnam Style

Hitler Gangnam Style

Two annoying virals meet in one decent video – Hitler, Gangnam Style.

Hitler Gangnam Style

Somewhere, in a land far far away, there’s a large, overly warm warehouse populated by socially awkward nerdbots, scouring the web with autistic obsession, mining it for the magic ingredients required to produce an endless supply of memes. The air is sodden with the stench of Wotsits, Relentless and B.O… Dandruff and grease make their heads seem to sparkle under the brutal strip lighting, and the only sounds apart from the hum of computer fans are the farts and phlegmy coughs that plague all bedroom hermits.

Brutal webmasters, in protective clothing, ride the aisles on Segways, stopping occasionally to deliver a Chinese burn or a really vigorous knuckling to keep up morale. In the main they produce bog standard fare. Occasionally one of them will hit the motherlode. But not often. Most of them play safe, hunting frantically for photos of immensely fat Americans, clips of Russians mutilating themselves, or cats doing virtually fucking anything.For a few, though, the crazed burnt out thrill junkies with scabs the size of Custard Creams on their gnawed knuckles and the thousand yard stare that only comes from working the tills at CEX over the summer holidays, the only way to get through the day is by living on the edge – the high stakes world of merging existing memes.

Now I’m not often that bothered about viral videos, most of them fit into a few categories at most, and I was getting a bit suicidal over the endless rehashing of the Hitler-In-The-Bunker thang. I mean it was quite funny the first thirty or so times, but come on… Equally, I have a vague disdain for that Gangnam bollocks, so I will be the first to admit that mashing the two together seems like a shit idea. But it works. Fuck knows why but it made me laugh. That’s not to say it will tomorrow, and I daresay I won’t find out because I don’t intend on watching it again, but for today, yeah, it’s a chuckler.

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