The Super Rich Are Hiring Handicapped Kids So They Can Skip The Line At Disney World

Rich people have figured out an ingenious way of skipping the queue at Disney World. Are their tactics fair game?

Outrageous… or ingenious?

This is what we all need to understand about rich people — they are shrewd, they are ruthless, even when they’re spending big they will still find a way to save the pennies. Just because they have a shitload of money and are basically sorted for life it doesn’t mean they’re just going to go ahead and buy the Premium VIP Tour and skip the queue at Disney World that way, not when there’s a cheaper alternative that gets the same job done.

What’s a couple thousand dollars to them you ask? Well you don’t become a kazillionaire with that kind of attitude. Even with everything in the world a swipe of a credit card away, rich people still understand the value of money.

Put it this way: Do you want to stand in the queue for two hours where some electronic beep will tell you when its your turn to get on the ride? Or do you want a happy-to-oblige kid in a wheelchair who MAKES it your turn all the time? It’s a no-brainer really.

But who are the ones really making the power moves though? These handicapped kids aka “black market Disney guides” are making $130 an hour, or $1,040 for an 8 hour day. It’s a win-win situation really — you and your friends/family/kids wait one minute to go on ‘It’s A Small World’ instead of 2 hours like every other mug in the queue, and the handicapped kids rake it in for doing not much at all.

Capitalism at its finest!

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