Hipster On Hoverboard Goes Nuts At Convenience Store Clerk At 5AM (VIDEO)

This guy is the absolute worst.

A video of a dude who has been labelled “Tostitos Tyler” was posted to Reddit earlier this week and went viral due to his utter douchebaggery.

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He rolls up to the window of an LA convenience store clerk, complete with manbun, hoverboard and near-homeless attire – and seems in desperate need of some pasta, pop tarts and Tostitos (bit like Doritos).

It didn’t go too smoothly and someone was on hand to capture his 5AM rant on film:

What an absolute muppet. Arguing about pop tarts with a shopkeeper through a window at 5AM? Take a break from life dude. Seriously, messing with someone who’s working a minimum wage job at 5AM is just a shitty thing to do. They have a hard enough life as it is without some wanker on a hoverboard rolling up and giving them an earful. Even his dog’s sitting there thinking “fuck me, this guy’s the worst.”

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