Convenience Store Fight Features The Most Savage Bottle Smash To The Head You Will Ever See (VIDEO)

Just watching this move gave me a concussion.

The back story here appears to be that one guy owes the other guy money, though why they would want to settle this beef inside a newsagent instead of pretty much anywhere else is beyond me.

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It’s really just your standard Worldstar-style convenience store fight, except there’s a moment about a minute or so in where one guy takes the most brutal bottle smash to the skull I have ever seen.

Watch below:

Talk about turning the tables. That guy was getting his butt well and truly whooped until he completely blindsided that guy with the bottle. Pretty easy to stand there running your mouth like a tough guy and threatening to stab him once that’s happened. Everyone can see the other guy had him beat before that though.

P.S. Not exactly the fastest response from the police was it?

Just a shame the store owner didn’t have his baseball bat handy – this one knows what I’m talking about.


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