This Hipster Barbie Instagram Account COMPLETELY RIPS Every Hipster Instagram Account Ever

Hipster Barbie Instagram

Full of clichéd photographs, inspirational quotes and bizarre hashtags, this account might as well belong to one of your best friends.

There’s nothing really more annoying than following people on Instagram who constantly image craft and post up annoying hipster photos about what coffee they’re drinking, or what they’re eating or where they’re traveling THIS weekend or just simply posting a selfie of themselves alongside an ‘inspirational’ quote.

These kind of people are easily the most cliched and unoriginal people on the app, but then you still find yourself wanting to follow them so you can see how ‘amazing’ and ‘unique’ their life has been this week. That’s just the way of it I suppose.

But now, thanks to this hipster Barbie account, you don’t need to. This hipster Barbie literally performs all the activities that your favourite Instagram users partake in, alongside all the ridiculous hashtags and quotes that you can imagine.

The creator of the Instagram is a wedding photographer and she’s chosen to remain anonymous but the account itself is still a hilarious pisstake of people who take their own accounts way too seriously. Of course, you could argue that this account is even worse than those as it’s actively spending time copying them and mocking them with a Barbie doll, but it’s that funny we’ll probably let them off this time.

Check out some of our favourite moments from the socialitybarbie account on the slideshow below. Then compare it to accidental Chinese hipsters to see which is funnier.

(Click the arrows below to navigate through the slides.)

Hipster Barbie Instagram 1

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