These Hip Hop Food Trucks Let You Know What Your Favourite Rappers Would Be Serving Up

Hip Hop Food Trucks Featured

If only some of these were real.

A Los Angeles based artist named Sean Solomon has created a series of sketches of food trucks inspired by his favourite rappers which is both hilarious and mouth wateringly good when you hear some of these names.

You’ve got Lil’ Kimchi, Jay-Ziti to Kanye Asada and my personal favourite the Notorious BLT. They all sound delicious basically, and if any of these rappers know what’s good for them it would probably be worth investing some of their money into getting some of these food trucks going in some of the major markets all around the world. There’s no way they wouldn’t be making bank off some of these names if they had the food to match them. Here’s hoping.

It’s probably a better idea than any of them rapping about Christmas in any case.

Hip Hop Food Trucks 1

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