Top 5 Rappers Rapping About Christmas

Nothing brings out the toughness in rappers quite like the Christmas season – here’s the proof.

Nothing brings out the toughness in rappers quite like the Christmas season. Here’s 5 tunes you need to blasting on Christmas day without question (in no particular order – except for #1).

5. Fabolous — I Don’t F*ck With Christmas

F-A, B-O, not really feeling the festive vibes I guess? Suppose if Father Christmas never left me any presents under the tree as a kid I’d be pretty bitter around Christmas time too. Cheer up Fab, you’re (relatively) rich now.

4. Snoop Dogg — Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto

Even while making music exclusively about the joys of murdering people, Death Row records still found the time to release the excellently titled ‘Christmas on Death Row’, featuring this laid-back, pleasantly murder-free number from Snoop Dogg and friends:

3. Ed Sheeran — Christmas Freestyle

I know Ed Sheeran isn’t a rapper but you can’t deny these are some proper hard Christmas bars. Drop the nutcracker indeed:

2. Bubbaclaus — The Single

If Fabolous is the Christmas Grinch, then American golfer-turned-rapper Bubbaclaus is the kid who wakes up his entire family at 6am for some bleary-eyed present opening. Pure holiday cheer:

1. DMX — Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

An undisputed Christmas classic. You know once he starts reeling off the reindeer names you’re in for something special. So good we’re going to post it every Christmas without fail. Merry DMX-Mas everyone!

Now check out this great video of DMX praying no one gets shot or stabbed at his concert.


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