High Speed Chase Ends After Car Smashes Directly Into Dude Who Was Filming With His Phone (VIDEO)

Look out!

Imagine there’s a high speed police chase going down in your vicinity, and you’ve whipped out your phone from the safety of your own stationary vehicle in hopes of capturing some sweet viral footage as the suspect and police drive by.

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And then the police deploy their spike strip, and this happens…

Whoops! Well nothing they could have done to avoid that, I suppose. I like how the girlfriend immediately asks him to stop recording so she can call her mum. Somehow, in her mind, this is all his fault, and he should have somehow prevented this unpreventable collision instead of filming the whole thing on his phone like some kind of inconsiderate a-hole.

Poor Tyler – seems the impact was mainly on his side too. Let’s hope he’s not in the dog house for too long and that they get some kind of payout for their trouble. 


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