Insane Video Of High School Runner Getting Sucker Punched From Behind During Race

Did he say a GI Jane joke?

Well, I think the guy in the audience screaming “are you f*cking kidding me?” over and over pretty much sums this one up. What an absolute scumbag move to sucker punch someone from behind like that. Even crazier to see it happen in the middle of a high school track race in Florida, although I guess if something as insane as this were to happen anywhere then Florida would be prime location.

There’s more context to the story via Running Magazine:

According to bystanders online, the man who threw the punch was standing on the track (not in the race), during the middle of the 3,000m, and the runner shoved him out of the way on his first time around. This seems to have upset him, and he struck the runner in the head on his next lap. The runner who was hit finished the race.

Fair play to the victim for getting up and finishing the race, and also to the rest of the runners who just carried on like nothing happened after seeing a fellow athlete get sparked out. Maybe full contact track racing is a sport we could consider for the future.

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