High End British Prostitute Shares The Final Photo Of Parkinson Ridden Client


The final client.

A high-end prostitute named Amanda Goff – known as Amanda X – has decided that she’s had enough of the sex industry after working in it for six years.

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The British sex worker, who lives in Sydney, Australia, made the announcement that she was hanging up her heels on her Instagram account:

Before leaving her fans for good, Samantha decided to share one final heart-warming photo of her 76-year-old client who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Obviously, the sexist and racist jokes bit isn’t cool at all, but the rest of the message was pretty touching. You know, touching in an old client and his favourite hooker sort of way.

Although Samantha will no longer be available for hire, she will continue to run her own escort agency called Samantha X Angels, where girls charge £650 for an hour of their time.

She will also continue working as a relationship coach for men, charging £475 for 90 minutes of a “companionship only” date. Sounds like she’s absolutely sorted in the financial department and is quite the entrepreneur. It makes total sense that she’s had enough of actually shagging the customers.

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