FC Schalke Player ‘Killed’ In 2016 In Congo Found Alive Working For German Energy Company In 2020


Absolutely wild story out of Germany today involves former football player Hiannick Kamba who was announced dead in 2016 following a car accident in Congo.

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Four years later, he’s been discovered alive and working for a German energy company.

As reported by German newspaper Bild, Kamba was once a promising young player for Bundesliga’s FC Schalke 04. But in 2016, it was reported he had been killed during a car accident in his native Democratic Republic of Congo.

Once it was discovered he was alive, Kamba told Bild that he had been taken advantage of by his friends. According to Kamba, his “companions had left him during the night while on a trip to the interior of the Congo in January 2016 and they took his papers, money and telephone.” He went to the Congo’s German embassy to prove he was alive in 2018, but his lack of documentation hindered this process.

It gets fishier – according to German prosecutor Anette Milk, Kamba’s ex-wife is now being investigated for fraud because she allegedly forged documents to collect on his six-figure life insurance policy. Kamba says he was completely unaware of his wife’s actions.

Like I said – definitely much cause for suspicion here. You’ve got Hiannick Kamba carrying on with life for four years letting everyone believe he was dead. He says he tried to prove he was alive but his ‘friends’ took every single document he owned that could identify him. And of course his wife is collecting 6 figures in life insurance.

None of this adds up for various reasons, but mainly because he managed to get out of Congo and go back to Germany where he started working for this energy company. Pretty sure there’s no way you could manage that without at least a passport or some documentation that proves you’re a real, living human being who wasn’t killed in 2016.

That’s just one question I’m sure authorities will be asking him, along with whether he and his wife cooked up this plan together. Whatever the case, imagine being Kamba’s friend or family thinking he was dead all these years only to read a story on the internet about how he’s working for a German energy company. Could he not be arsed to play football anymore? Just a crazy story that we hopefully get more answers about soon.

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