This New Hi-Tech Urinal Washes And Dries Your Penis After You Urinate

The royal penis is clean, your Highness.

A new cutting edge urinal that will wash and dry your dick after use is currently being developed by a Spanish team of biochemists.

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The ‘Urinary 2.0’ uses programmed sensors which activate a cleaning mechanism when the user has finished peeing, and instantly polishes and then dries your knob before you zip up.


Soapy water is administered for three seconds to clean the penis – set to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, say the manufacturers.

Another sensor then activates the climate-controlled drying and blows you dry in about three seconds like a bathroom hand drier.

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Not sure how necessary an invention this is, after all who washes their dick after peeing? You just give it a little shake and get on with your day. Not to mention you just know someone’s going to end up getting turned on by this machine soaping up their dick and end up shagging it or something. Guarantee we’ll be blogging that in 2017.

To watch a guy shit in a urinal while puking, click HERE (NSFW).


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