Watch A Hezbollah Fighter In A Truck Literally Dodge A Missile At The Last Second

Hezbollah Missile Dodge

Nerves of steel.

We all know how screwed up the situation in the Middle East is at the moment and this video exemplifies the wanton destruction that is going on between all the factions over there in an effort to wipe each other out.

In it, we see some dudes fire a TOW missile at a member of the Hezbollah terrorist group (we think that because there’s a yellow flag on the side of his truck). Despite the fact that a missile capable of destroying a tank is being fired at this dude, he stays unbelievably calm and manages to dodge the missile by simply moving his vehicle forward just before it’s about to hit him, like he’s playing an unbelievably tense video game or something. It’s literally nuts.

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You can tell how impressive it is by the way the people firing the missile react. Unfortunately, it also means that that missile is blowing up some wall which probably belongs to someone over there, although it probably would have got totalled too when the car exploded.

It’s completely outrageous that people get to just randomly fire missiles at each other like this over there – apparently this took place in Syria – but unfortunately it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. I mean it’s been absolute hell for people living there for the past 15 years, so why would it change?


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