Man In Hospital After Risking Life To Heroically Save Building Full Of Trapped Animals


Absolute hero.

Dozens of pets are now safe and sound after being saved from a blazing pet shop fire. This could have been a totally different story if it weren’t for one heroic police officer who put his life on the line to save them.

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Last week the Route 23 Pet Centre in New Jersey went up in flames due to an electrical malfunction. After the police arrived on the scene, officer Rafael Burgos bravely entered the smoke-filled building to check that there were no staff members inside. After confirming no humans were at risk of harm, he got to work on evacuating all of the frightened and caged animals.

A real pet shop

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I think that this guy might be the true definition of a hero. Although humans are capable of withstanding a large amount of smoke inhalation, dogs’ lungs are far more sensitive to irritation. If Burgos hadn’t of acted when he did, many of the pets would have died from the flames.


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Since the rescue, many of the animals have been moved to another vet centre for check ups and treatment, while Burgos was taken to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery despite suffering from smoke inhalation. Good luck to you Burgos, and I’m sure the animals are all incredibly grateful.

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