Heroic Dude Live Streams Himself Taking Down ‘Knife Thug’ In KFC (VIDEO)

knife thug

Have a go hero.

Knife crime in the UK is still a massive issue, with a whopping 80% increase in incidents across the country since 2014.

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When faced with someone who whips out a knife, most of us would just turn the other direction and run – but the guy in this story decided to do the exact opposite, and uses the moment to deliver some serious home truths.

Zaviea Leaff, 21, was in KFC when an 18-year-old teen named Liam pulled out a blade, apparently because he claimed Zaviea was “looking at him funny”.

Along with a staff member at the KFC in Urmston, Manchester, Zaviea bravely stops the culprit from running off and potentially doing the same thing to another member of the public.

When he tries to break free, the pair restrain him to the ground while Zaviea delivers a speech to the kid about the idiocy of his actions.

Speaking to The Sun about the incident, Zaviea said:

I was sat inside KFC in Urmston having some lunch with my friend when two lads walked in.

I carried on eating my food but could sense someone was staring at me so I glanced up to see one of the young lads looking at me – I took no notice and carried on eating my food.

Again I felt someone was staring at me so I looked up to see the lad still staring at me.

The lad then said ‘what the f**k are you looking at’ so I said pardon? He then repeated ‘what the f**k are you looking at?’

So I stood up for him then to say to me, ‘sit the f**k back down before I put one in you.’

By this point I’m massively confused so again I said ‘what did you just say?’

To which he then repeated ‘sit back down before I put one in you and then my brother will come and put one in you too’.

As he was saying that he was fumbling with his man-bag. The next thing I know he’s trying to pull a combat knife out and we’re rolling round the floor trying to get the knife off him.

It’s not known what charges the boy will face after being caught, although KFC did release the following statement:

We can confirm there was an incident at our Trafford Retail restaurant on 18th July. We’re shocked by what happened and will be continuing to co-operate with the police to help with their enquiries.

Classic case of a kid wanting to look like the big man, only to do a complete U-turn when he’s caught out. No doubt he’s learned his lesson – hopefully he’ll think next time he tries to put others’ lives in danger.

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