INSANE Video Of Lady Being Rescued From Alligator Attack After Surviving Multiple Rolls

Holy crap.

An alligator handler in Utah was about to give a demonstration to a bunch of kids at a birthday party only to get chomped on by the animal and rescued by an absolute hero who did not miss a beat.

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It’s a scary scene, but the way everyone in the video handles it is absolutely incredible:

What amazing reactions from everybody involved. The hero jumps in, the mum gets the kids, and the cameraman stays calm and films the whole thing. Even the lady who got mangled handled it like an absolute pro (well, she is a pro to be fair). Impeccable timing the way she rolled over with the gator, then wrapped her legs around him and stayed calm. She even instructed the guy on what to do after he got himself in a pickle. Tremendous work all round (besides getting chomped)!

I’m sure that lady had worked with the gator a thousand times before but it just goes to show how unpredictable these creatures can be. Not that he didn’t try to warn her before lunging in. Even still, big respect for the way she handled it and big up the guy who jumped in and risked his own life to save hers.

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