Hero Policeman Expertly Disarms Suicidal Man About To Cut Himself With A Hunting Knife

Now this is what you call a proper police man – I don’t think he could have handled this situation any better.

Now this guy right here is what you call a proper policeman. I was fully expecting him to pull out his taser and zap this guy to the moon but I guess that’s what the Internet’s conditioned me to expect from cops because we’ve seen it happen to often, often for no reason.

To all other cops out there, watch and learn:

I really don’t think he could have dealt with that situation any better. One of the better examples of police work we’ve ever seen and hopefully he gets all the recognition he deserves from it, and the man he took down gets the help he needs to never try anything like that ever again.

Definitely our second favourite cop… after this legend.


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