This Hero Passenger Made A Citizen’s Arrest After Witnessing Racist Abuse And Violence From Psycho Woman

Citizen Arrest

It’s fair to say that nobody likes being stuck on a busy commuter train in the morning, but everyone is in the same situation so you just grin and bear it and get on with it.

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Unless you’re the woman in this video from New York, who for some reason decided to take exception with another woman standing next to her and then started kicking her and whacking her with an umbrella, before eventually calling her a ‘ch*nk*’ and acting like even more of a twat. In fairness we don’t see what was happening before the start of the video, but judging by the reaction of everyone around her, it seems like she was definitely in the wrong.

I mean who the hell acts like that period on a busy commuter train, even if someone has done something legitimately awful to you. Completely bizarre behaviour that almost makes me think that she might have been a robot or mentally deranged or something. Or maybe just Russian, because you know some people over there act weirdly in these kinds of situations.

There’s no news on what happened to 40 year old Anna Lushchinskaya following her arrest but it’s safe to say that she’s probably been charged with something and might even have lost her job given how widely the video has been circulated. Kinda serves her right.

Also, it’s important to note that I did call the guy filming – a guy called Juan Ayala – a hero, but you’ve probably gotta respect the original Asian guy who stepped in to help and wasn’t just recording it. Sure Juan got the plaudits because he recorded it and did eventually step in and stop it, but that guy was just being a safe dude and not in it for the views or the props. Respect.

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