Here’s Why You Should Never Flush Your Used Condoms Down The Loo


Clogging up the system.

Anglian Water has released a series of photos showing clogged drains as a warning to the public to stop flushing their used condoms down the toilet.

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As a result of residents putting their used Johnnies down the loo, British sewers have been blocked with massive ‘Johnnybergs’ – disgusting congealed blobs made from condoms, tissues and wet wipes. Grimy.


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Anglian Water is now appealing to households to dispose of their contraception properly, and have warned that it if continues, it can result in a back up of disgusting waste which will bubble up in toilets and bathrooms across the country. You hearing this shaggers? Throw your Johnnies in the bin.

Already the water company has found 21 tonnes of the products blocking toilets in Lincoln. An Anglian source said:

We find so many condoms in these huge, congealed blobs that we jokingly call them Johnnybergs. 


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Wow, what a laugh that job must be. The company reckons that around 800 tonnes of wipes and sanitary products are being flushed down loos each week in the East of England alone. So if you’re reading this, only use the loo for pissing, shitting and loo roll. Everything else needs to go in the bin. We don’t want the UK’s dirty sewage making its way up our drainpipes.

Right, that’s enough sewage talk for the day. I’m starting to feel sick.

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