Here’s Why You Should Always Turn Your Livestream Off When Your Mum Walks In The Room


Truly mortifying.

If you’re a gamer who spends their time live streaming on Guitar Hero, you’re already low down on the social food chain as it is. But throw in the fact that you’re a little mummy’s boy who still lives at home and you’re pretty much at rock bottom.

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This poor kid unfortunately presented his status to his fellow gaming community recently, after he carried on live streaming as his mother came in to change her panties. While he thought he was completely shredding an unbroken 1500-note streak, his mum is in the background, presenting the viewers with her cellulitey, pale ass. Hawt.

Poor kid keeps going completely unaware, despite gamer iBlackettxD (cool name bro) messaging “hi mum.” Gutted mate. It’s bad when you’re getting ripped into by people who are geeks themselves.

Also, it’s pretty weird that him and his mum don’t seem to bat an eyelid about her just getting her vag out while he’s in the room. Is that normal? I’d be wigged out if my dad stormed into my room and took his boxers off. Some families are closer than others I guess. Or maybe they’ve got some sort of arrangement going on – a bit like these guys.


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