Here’s What An MMA Fight Looks Like With No Fans And Masked Officials

It’s really weird.

One of the stranger storylines of the Coronavirus pandemic is how UFC head honcho Dana White is hell bent on delivering live fights to the people, even apparently brokering a deal to hold them on a secret island with no fans.

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It looks as though his plans are on hold for the time being at least though, but one promotion that has continued to plough on with live events is Russian MMA promotion M-1 Global. They held an event over in Minsk, Belarus with no fans attending and officials wearing masks and judging by the highlights, it looks like it was really weird.

M-1 Global founder Vadim Finkelchtein also decided to explain why he’s decided to hold these events:

You all know what the situation is now in the country and in the world. People are forced to sit at home.

In the field of music and art, online concerts and performances have gained popularity, for art lovers there is a large selection of such broadcasts, but for sports lovers there is nothing at all.

We can see from the comments how boys who are not interested in concerts missed out on sporting events.

Gyms are closed, even street sports are banned.

That’s it for the sports audience, so we decided to make a gift and hold a closed online tournament.

I guess it’s nice of them to put some music over it to hide the lack of crowd – but it just makes it really weird doesn’t it?

And I guess Finkelchtein has got a point – people are bored shitless – but is it really worth holding events like this whilst all this is going on? The lack of a crowd really deadens the atmosphere and makes it half the spectacle that it should be – even with the dumb music – and you have to to think that it can’t really be safe to be doing so either as well.

Seems counterproductive to us eventually getting out of this mess, but I suppose we should just at least be thankful that it’s on, even if it is super strange. Kills a bit of time I suppose.

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