Here’s A Video Of Thousands Of People Peacefully Chanting ‘Stop Killing Black People’ In Washington DC

It’s not all rioting.

Most of the coverage of the nationwide protests over in America from the weekend were focussed on the rioting and looting, but it’s also important to highlight that this wasn’t the case everywhere.

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Perhaps the best example – although there are a few other videos of great peaceful protests knocking around out there – is this clip that was taken in Washington D.C., where a bunch of people sat on the ground and peacefully chanted ‘stop killing black people’ over and over again. Take a look at it below:

I mean that is pretty great isn’t it? Hopefully this can get at least some of the focus and attention that all he violence and looting is getting. Hopefully it actually does something to change the mentality over there in that country, but this stuff has been going on for decades and doesn’t seem to be getting any better so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

For more of the same, here’s a supercut of police brutality over the weekend. Messed up.


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