Here’s A Video Of A Spear Fisher Getting Bitten In The Head By A Shark

Fucking hell.

I’ve never been spearfishing, but I’m not gonna lie it looks like a remarkably fun way to spend an afternoon – provided you aren’t against spearing fish or similar.

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However, that attitude has changed slightly after I watched the video below, which proves that if you get a bit unlucky whilst partaking in the activity then you could get bitten in the head by a shark. The video comes courtesy of some guys from a couple of years ago – it’s going viral again today for some reason – and involves a bunch of dudes spear fishing in the Bahamas.

One of them goes under and manages to tag a fish, but unfortunately this sets a shark out of hiding who then decides the best course of action is to sink his teeth into his buddy’s head. The first guy was wearing a GoPro so this was all caught on video – wait until you see what the guy looks like at the end of the video.

Jesus. Did not expect him to be completely and utterly covered in blood like that but I suppose that’s what you get when a shark sinks its teeth into your head and I shouldn’t be that surprised by it. It’s kinda obvious when you think about it, it just happened so quickly I didn’t expect it to be able to do so much damage. I guess ‘Jaws’ was based on reality though hey.

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