Here’s A Video Of A Karen Bragging About Her American Express Card And Refusing To Show Her ID

Oh Karen.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good Karen video on this website but this is a great one for us to return to the phenomenon.

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It starts off slow but bear with it as by the end it really is a masterclass of how to be a Karen and just the kind of behaviour that you expect from one. The video shows one of them trying to buy a bottle of wine from a convenience store somewhere in America, but refusing to show her ID even though it’s a legal requirement no matter what your age over there and she’s probably had to do it thousands of times before.

She also cut in the line ahead of someone and then brags to the guy filming about having a Platinum American Express card. All the classic traits – watch out for the guy filming’s cutting jibes underneath his breath too:

What an absolute tool she is there hey? Hate it when people do something as silly as wave their platinum American Express card in your face to show how much better than you they are, like who honestly cares?

I also love the way how people like this refuse to do something for ages and then as soon as they realise they have to do it they’re just like ‘oh I didn’t mind doing it’. Why don’t you just do it in the first place then and save everyone the trouble of think you’re an absolute dickhead then? Just saying.

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