Here’s A Video Of 150 Spring Breakers Being Pepper Sprayed And Arrested In Miami

What is wrong with people?

Remember almost a year ago when a whole bunch of idiot Spring Breakers went to Miami to party because they didn’t want COVID to ruin their holiday?

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They might not have died, but I think everyone can agree that they were a bunch of idiots that definitely contributed to the spread of Coronavirus in America and the horrific death count that they experienced over there (not that ours was much better). Of course, one year on you might think that spring breakers would have learned that it wasn’t a good idea for everyone to head to Miami and party again, but you would obviously be completely wrong as a whole shit load of people descended on the city over the weekend, even though Coronavirus restrictions means there’s a curfew of midnight.

What about the police response though, surely those guys must have learned their lesson over the past year and not reacted with excess force to disperse this gathering? Lol of course not – they pepper sprayed and fired pepper balls into the crowd to try and get them to go home, and when that didn’t work they arrested over 150 people. Sure it’ll really slow down the virus having everyone locked up in close quarters in prison hey?

Anyway, here’s some footage of the police shooting out pepper bombs, a 19 year old body slamming a policeman when they tried to arrest him and a woman twerking on top of a police car:

Wild.  OK, normally I’m pretty anti police on these pages but I’m kinda sympathetic to them on this one because it must be an absolute nightmare to try and get a bunch of drunk and horny college students to stop partying in the middle of Miami in Spring Break. Still not sure if these heavy handed tactics are quite the way to go, but I don’t really have any alternative so I’m not really sure what to say? No real winners here and everyone involved sucks.

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