Here’s The Trailer To HBO’s New Documentary About The World’s Most Dangerous Water Park

People were decapitated.

Water parks are meant to be a whole lot of fun for all the family, but people can forget that whilst in the most part they’re completely safe there is still an element of danger and anything could go wrong  in them.

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This was even more true in the past when safety regulations were a lot more lax and this was epitomised nowhere better than in New Jersey’s notorious Action Park. It was open from 1978 to 1996 and during this period a number of people died whilst visiting the park and even more were injured.

Naturally, this makes it the perfect subject of a new HBO documentary and the first trailer for this dropped last night. They’re calling it ‘Class Action Park’ which is pretty clever, right?

That does look pretty awesome right? It’s got serious ‘Tiger King’ vibes to it and could definitely be our next obsession, although the only problem is that it’s on HBO Max so I’m not sure how we’ll be able to view it over here? Hopefully Sky can sort that out for us though.

If you can’t wait though, we actually premiered a documentary about the park a few years ago. Never let it be said that Sick Chirpse is behind the game.


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