Here’s Tommy Robinson’s Response To The Racist Video Of Him Bragging About Doing Drugs

Tommy Robinson

It was just ‘banter’. Course it was.

Last night we posted a video of Tommy Robinson off his nut in Italy filming himself talking about doing drugs and picking up gear in foreign countries and throwing about a bit of casual racism whilst he was at it too.

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We did post in the original article that the video was obviously edited to make him look bad and he probably didn’t pick up drugs in Qatar, but this hasn’t stopped a bunch of people messaging us telling us we’re a bunch of lefty liberal pricks and threatening to delete us, so in the interests of fairness here’s Robinson’s response to the ‘allegations’. Turns out it was all just banter – course it was – and he even provided some text messages as well to prove this:

I mean yeah, I don’t think anyone was originally using the original video to condemn Robinson, more just sharing it because he came across as a lairy drunk idiot and it was pretty funny seeing him like this. And even by his own admission the banter is pretty cringe and that’s exactly what it is – you’ve gotta think that someone like Robinson should be a bit more careful sending stuff like this around as he might have known what was going to happen about it.

Hell, he might have even leaked them himself to drum up some interest ahead of his Panorama expose next Saturday. Again, in the interest of fairness, Robinson is planning on showing a new documentary in Manchester next Saturday where he’s planning to expose Panorama is a completely corrupt television show. Not sure if he’ll achieve that but should be an interesting whatever happens. Hope all you Tommy supporters appreciate this one!

Will say this about ‘banter’ though. Whilst within this context, Tommy and many other people think that it’s OK to make these jokes and use those words, in a much wider one it definitely isn’t – and that’s true of his mates calling him a white cunt and doing Hitler salutes too. ‘Banter’ like that isn’t really moving anything forward and we all should try and learn from this and move on and be better people. Just saying.

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