Here’s A Man Spitting At A Traffic Warden And Yelling That He Has Corona

Nice guy.

We haven’t really seen so many people being complete twats about the lockdown this time around and running around without masks and spitting on people etc – or maybe we’ve just become so used to it that it’s numbed us – but here’s another asshole getting into it with a traffic warden.

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Traffic wardens are hardly anyone’s favourite people – let’s face it, they’re usually all assholes – but I don’t think that anyone really deserves to be spat on for just doing their job, do you? Especially during a global pandemic as well.

The incident happeed down in Gravesend, Kent last September where 39 year old Graham Swinbourne got into an altercation with a traffic warden, which ended with him spitting on him and saying that he had Corona. Thankfully, the traffic warden in question had the whole exchange recorded on his body cam.

That really is quite gross and rough from Swinbourne isn’t it? You would think that by the time you’re 39 you would have learned to stop acting like that, even if traffic wardens can be unfathomably annoying in these situations.

Swinbourne was given a 12 month community order after admitting common assault and forced to observe a 7pm-7am curfew for 3 months, as well as paying the victim £100, a surcharge of £95 and costs of £85. Here’s what Council Leader John Burden said about the incident:

This was a disgusting incident and I am glad that the offender has been brought to justice.

Our civil enforcement officers do not make the rules, they simply ensure they are being followed.

Parking restrictions are in place for very good reasons – to keep traffic flowing and ensure everyone is safe to go about their business, whether they are driving or on foot.

The only person at fault here was Swinbourne, who was parked illegally.

Our officers do not deserve any level of abuse for simply doing their job.

Follow the rules, and they won’t trouble you.

All of our CEOs are equipped with body-worn cameras and we will not hesitate to take the evidence recorded on them all the way to court when abuse such as this occurs.

Still think traffic wardens are really annoying, but I guess if this guy was parked where he shouldn’t be then he probably deserves to get told off. It’s the worst when they call you out for going slightly over the time on your parking ticket and they do act like they’re massive jobsworths a lot of the time too. Just think Swinbourne went a bit over the top in his abuse of them here. Guy is obviously a major dickhead.

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