Here’s Joe Rogan Coming Up With His Own Theory About Why Simone Biles Withdrew From The Olympics

Thanks for that Joe.

Joe Rogan might be the most popular podcaster in the world, but I think anyone with a brain knows that a lot of the stuff he says on the show is pure conjecture and not based in facts whatsoever and in that respect it’s kinda outrageous that he’s still allowed to broadcast all the time without restrictions and full on influence the dumbest people in America.

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Anyway, over the weekend Rogan decided to chime in with his opinion on the Simone Biles episode over at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last week, where she decided to withdraw from the gymnastics competition halfway through her performance citing mental health reasons and a case of ‘the twisties’ – an extremely dangerous condition that can cause athletes to disconnect from their bodies and fail to keep track of their spinning in the air. Although she was widely praised by many for her decision, there have obviously been a bunch of horrible assholes out there like Piers Morgan and Matt Walsh who have ruthlessly hounded her over the past week and basically just called her a pussy over and over again for letting down her teammates.

Whilst Rogan (maybe surprisingly?) hasn’t joined the pack baying for her blood, he does think he knows better than anyone else why she decided to drop out, citing the fact that it’s because he discovered that Biles regularly takes ritalin for her ADHD but over in Japan the drug is illegal. Therefore Rogan has decided to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 500, deciding that prescription drug withdrawal is the sole reason for Biles’ actions in this case:

You can watch the clip below but it’s basically full of loads of ‘I thinks’, unsubstantiated claims and Rogan hitting back at what ‘they’ – with no clear definition of who ‘they’ are – are saying:

Kinda hard to disagree with that, other than the fact that Joe doesn’t even know if Biles could or could not take ritalin in Japan, so the whole theory could fall down right there before it’s even started. She might have had a medical Olympic exemption for all he knows, or she could have found some kind of alternative during these games considering they even say later on that ritalin is available in Japan, just not as a prescription for ADHD and that there are alternative medicines in place for ADHD treatment over there.

So stupid that they’re even debating this when they have no idea what her situation was in the first place. So many ‘I thinks’ even in the first 30 seconds and then it just goes off on a massive tangent where neither of them really know what they’re talking about and say so over and over again. Joe Rogan is such a jerk, but at least he’s on Biles side for dropping out, even if he thinks it’s because she didn’t have her ADHD medicine. Imagine what working class America would think of her if he didn’t say that.

For more of the same, check out this video that shows what Simone Biles told her teammates when she decided to quit. Pretty heartwarming to be honest.


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