Here’s How To Get The Freshest Fries Possible When Ordering At McDonald’s

McDonald's Fries

Life hack.

I try to avoid McDonald’s but there are sometimes when you just have to get some of those salty fries because there’s just nothing else like them.

However, it is a major bummer when you turn up at just the wrong moment and you get the last fries in the fryer and they’re really cold and not nice at all. Especially when you don’t even go to McDonald’s that often in the first place.

There is a way this can be avoided though, and although it takes a little bit of time it might be worth it to get that warm crispy goodness. Mmmmmm.

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Basically, you just ask your server for fries without salt. This means that they have to clear out the salty utensils and containers and make a brand new batch just for you.

Apparently it’s one of the worst things you can ask a McDonald’s employee to do, but hey whatever – it’s your order right? And if you were thinking you have to do without the salt to do this, then you’re wrong because you can just add them from a sachet.

Everybody wins right? Well actually it’s just you and definitely not the poor employee winning, but hey, that’s life.

So basically you just have to wait a bit longer for your order and piss off the person serving you to get the fresh fries. Worth it? Possibly. Maybe order a Big Mac whilst you’re waiting – less calories than a McDonald’s salad these days don’t you know.


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