Here’s How To Beat Facebook Messenger’s Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger Basketball

Gonna get that high score.

Last week we brought you news of Facebook Messenger’s new basketball game and if you’re anything like me you will have been playing it a whole bunch trying to beat your flatmate’s high score of 10. For something that should be so easy it’s completely infuriating how hard it is, especially when you’re sure you’ve done a good swipe and it just bounces off the side. So annoying, but I guess that’s why it’s so addictive too.

We’ve found a way to hack it so that you always get the basket though, so now you can beat your annoying mates with ease. In fact, you probably only need to play it once for a bit and get a really high score that they can never ever match and you’ll be declared the winner forever. No worries.

Basically you just need to get a ruler – bet you thought you would never use one of them again – and place it up against the screen in line with the ball and the basket. You then run your finger up the side of the ruler and the ball will go into the basket every time. Magic.

Watch this if that wasn’t a good enough explanation for you:

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Absolutely killer. Nice iPhone too dickhead. Now go find that ruler you still have stashed somewhere from when you were in primary school and nail your flatmate’s high score before he finds out about this hack. That’s what I’m doing anyway, bye.

For some real basketball action though, check out the most insane ending to a basketball match ever. Serious.


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