Here’s Footage Of A Train Crashing Into A Nuclear Fuel Container At 100MPH


2020 has been full of surprises – most of them bad – and here’s something else that can’t have been good for anyone involved or the immediate environment: a train crashing into a nuclear fuel container at 100mph.

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Fortunately, this wasn’t something that actually happened this year but it was actually a test taken by our government back in 1984 to test the resilience of our nuclear flasks. The footage shows a Class 46 diesel locomotive weighing 140 tons with three passenger cars travelling at 100mph smashing into a nuclear flask filled with more than a ton of water and 200 steel rods – this simulates the nuclear cargo that would normally be found within the container.

Any guesses what happens? (the video is actually really well edited – kinda like an action movie so you might as well watch it all – but if you wanna skip ahead then the good stuff happens around the 7 minute mark)

Whoa. That train has definitely seen better days hey? The good news is that the test was a miraculous success, proving that a nuclear flask could indeed survive a high speed train crash. It cost the government £1.75 million to find this out. Money well spent.

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