Here’s The Footage Of Conor McGregor Stomping On Some Dude’s Phone

Stomping Phone

Someone lost the plot.

You probably heard that Conor McGregor got arrested on Monday for smashing up some dude’s mobile outside a Miami club, but surprisingly it’s taken until now for footage of the event to make its way to the internet.

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Here it is though courtesy of – you guessed it – TMZ and to be honest as with most of these things it’s pretty underwhelming. You just see someone who looks like Conor McGregor smashing and stomping a phone on the floor for about a second and that’s it. Make sure you’ve got the sound turned up though because the guy whingeing about getting his phone back is excellent and will probably make its way into a meme or remix sometime soon:

Can’t mess with the Notorious. That guy’s voice is too good though and definitely the highlight of the clip for me.

Wait until you hear his full story about what went down as well because that is even stupider. Probably one of the dumbest incidents to semi dominate the headlines in recent times if we’re all perfectly honest.


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