Here’s The First Trailer For ‘Clerks 3’ And The Release Date

Kevin Smith returns to the franchise that made him famous.

Kevin Smith stormed onto the Hollywood scene with ‘Clerks’ back in 1994, but it’s fair to say that his career hasn’t exactly hit the heights that were once predicted.

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With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that Smith has once again returned to the characters that made him famous, namely Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob for the final instalment in the ‘Clerks’ saga, aptly titled ‘Clerks III’. The action picks up after Randall has just suffered a heart attack and asks the rest of the guys to make a movie of his life at the convenience store that started it all.

Take a look at the trailer and see what Lionsgate’s EVP of Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Eda Kowan had to say about it underneath:

Clerks III is the definition of event cinema, especially if you are a Kevin Smith fan or a maven of independent cinema.

This film rounds out the story that started a revolution in filmmaking. And to bring it to the fans on the big screen, there is no greater partner in the world of event cinema than Fathom Events.”

What does a maven of independent cinema mean?

Anyway, as for the trailer I suppose it looks OK, but Smith has really run out of ideas recently and most of his movies have been terrible – even the ones bringing back his most loved characters – so I really can’t see this being that good. I’m surprised anyone even lets him make movies anymore given his recent track record. What an absolute dork.

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