Here’s The First Look At Will Smith As The Genie In Aladdin

Will Smith Genie

This looks stupid.

Ever since we found out that Will Smith would be playing The Genie in a live version of Aladdin, there’s been a lot of speculation as to just how stupid he was going to look during the movie.

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Well, we can finally put that to bed now as Will Smith made his debut as The Genie last night during The Grammys where first trailer for the movie aired. And yeah, Will Smith does look completely and utterly stupid dressed up in blue paint as you can see from the photo above and the actual trailer below.

Did anybody really think that this was going to go down any other way?

Man that’s just a really bad trailer isn’t it? Even the ‘action’ scenes just look completely boring and tacky and low budget and considering this is a ‘teaser’ trailer and they’re meant to be showing you the best bits to get you excited, I can’t help but think that this movie is going to be completely awful.

I mean those bits did not look good at all, and then to top it all off with a fat blue version of Will Smith making some unfunny jokes really is the icing on the cake. Expect this to be a box office bomb when it drops in May.

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