Here’s The Cringiest TikTok Video Of A Family Going Back To The Pub This Weekend

Oh God.

Most of the country was suitably excited for #SuperSaturday over the weekend as we were allowed to go back to the pub for the first time in months, providing that we kept to some new rules and observed social distancing.

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Of course, nobody actually did any of that and there are a bunch of videos floating around the internet of people rolling around in pubs/outside them all pissed up and hugging each other or whatever, but we’re not gonna be featuring those and condemning them just yet. Instead, there’s another set of videos going around where people have made really cringey and awful TikToks of them going back to the pub and the one below is definitely the worst one we’ve seen as ‘The Famileigh’ head back to the their local at 8am on Saturday:

Oh God. I’m fairly reluctant to engage with TikTok at the best of times and often wonder why people spend their time making such embarrassing videos but this one really is a whole new level of cringe. Imagine planning something like this all the way through lockdown and then getting up at 8am on July 4th to play it out. So lame.

I’m not exactly being nice about them here but the comments are a whole different level of abuse towards them, which I can kinda get but also seems a bit extreme. Like I don’t want them to die, you know?

Lot of hate there, but I suppose if you’re gonna put something like that on the internet then you’ve gotta be forced to face the consequences? Really does blow my mind that anyone thinks they might receive anything other than abuse for doing that.

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