The Best And Worst TikTok Videos In Existence #3


Taking you into the weekend.

The world of TikTok and the ability to lipsync to music videos and do really weird stuff in the process is something that I’m never going to understand at all and that’s why I do this write up where I share the absolute dumbest ones on the internet with you.

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Let’s go:

What a fucking twat although I did like his line ‘do I look like a goddamn magician to you.’

That really doesn’t work.

However many times I watch these ones they’re never going to not be funny.

Why would you make this?

See? Still funny.

Definitely the weirdest one I have found so far.

And we’ve got a new winner.



Pretending to be a siren is a new one.

Plot twist.

How do people even decide to do that though?

Why are these people dressed like that?

Actually really funny.


I mean that was literally what we were all thinking wasn’t it.

No words.

I mean that was good.

Did not see that coming.

Hope I’m as cool as this guy when I grow up.

Ok that’s enough of that I think my head is gonna explode if I look at any more of this stuff. Until next week, or if you need some more why not click here for every one we’ve ever done? That’ll keep you occupied.


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