This Guy Trolls Online Blackjack Dealers With The Name ‘Suk Mike Hok’ (VIDEO)

Suk Mike Hok

Get it.

If you’ve ever played Pokerstars Blackjack recently, then you’ll know that you can now get live dealers talking to you during your game, and that every time you join the table then they’ll address you by your username.

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Unsurprisingly, this has obviously led to some joker calling himself ‘Suk Mike Hok’. Just say it to yourself now and you’ll understand why it’s funny. Got it? 

The dude then proceeded to play a whole bunch Blackjack and film the dealer’s reactions to them saying his name once they had realised what they said:  

Yep, it just shows how the most simple jokes can often be the most effective as well. My favourite guy was probably the one who took ages to read it and was decidedly unimpressed, going ‘ha ha ha ha, hilarious’ after he said it. Lighten up a bit dude.

For a slightly more conventional prank, check this out. I only said slightly remember.


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