Here’s Chet Hanks Discussing Cultural Appropriation And His Fake Jamaican Accent

Chet Hanks is just too much.

Chet Hanks is one of the strangest characters out there and he’s not doing his reputation any favours with his latest really weird interview with Andrew Callaghan from ‘All Gas, No Brakes’.

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The full interview is ten minutes long and goes all over the place, with Hanks talking about how his fake Jamaician accent isn’t actually cultural appropriation and how he’s still made at his parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for not giving him an allowance when he was growing up. You’ll have to be utterly insane to make your way through the whole thing but be my guest if you fancy it. Otherwise, you can read my favourite quote underneath:

There’s more people out there that f*ck with what the f*ck I’m saying than there’s people that are angry about what the f*ck y’all are talking about, and that’s a mother f*cking fact.

Don’t mince your words there Chet. Not sure what’s next for the guy but I can imagine that it’ll be suitably ridiculous and I’ll be watching with eyes glued to the screen. The guy really is too much and now that white boy summer is over, anything could happen.

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