Here’s The Advert The Family Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Aired During Her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Appearance

You probably already heard that Joe Exotic’s nemesis Carole Baskin is appearing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ over in the United States, and you might even have heard that the family of her missing husband Don Lewis decided to air an advert appealing for information about his whereabouts/death during the show just to spite her.

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However, you probably haven’t actually seen that advert yet so we’re here to bring it to you in all its glory. The advert is actually pretty emotional as all of Lewis’ daughters appear and say how much they miss him and want to find out what happened to him, but the best part is how they actually talk about Carole Baskin by her name, leaving the viewer in no doubt as to what they think went down:

Lol. I don’t spend a lot of time watching adverts any more – why would you when you can just fast forward or change the channel? – but it’s really funny to me that dumb adverts like that are still being created over in America.

They just look so old and outdated, like a literal relic from the year that Don Lewis disappeared (1997) that it kinda makes me think that they won’t inspire any reaction at all. Maybe they’re just trying to appeal to people who were watching a lot of TV in 1997, although I probably think that all adverts in America are probably still like that to be honest.

Here’s Carole’s performance of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on the show as well. It isn’t very good and she doesn’t look natural at all:

Yikes. Carole received the lowest score of the week, but there weren’t any cuts this time so she’s got net week to try and redeem herself. Wonder how she’ll incorporate tigers into her routine next week?

For more of the same, check out some online sleuths digging up new evidence about Don Lewis’ disappearance. There’s a lot going on there.


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