Here’s A Short Documentary About The Guys Who Work In The Fleshlight Industry

Fleshlight Factory Workers

Just a day in the life.

Fleshlights are the most popular male masturbation and – even though I’ve never really thought about this – as such there must be a whole bunch of factories out there that spend a whole lot of time manufacturing them, and therefore a whole bunch of people employed in the industry too.

I’ve never met anyone who works in that kind of business – or if I have they haven’t admitted it to me – so I kind of assumed it was just a bunch of robots sorting everything out, but this short documentary proves me wrong. It’s set in a Las Vegas fleshlight factory and follows the day to day life of everyone who works there.

You basically get to see a bunch of hot plastic being moulded into categories the plant manager describes as ‘lady,’ ‘mouth,’ ‘butt,’ and ‘nondescript’. There’s also a great part where you get to see a guy make a dildo have sex with a fleshlight, as I know that’s something that everyone has always wanted to see.

Fascinating stuff basically.

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They’re an interesting bunch of guys there for sure. For more of the same, check out the top 5 documentaries to watch when you’re stoned.


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