Here’s A Map With The Lewdest Sounding Place Names In The United States


Who the hell came up with some of these names?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving across the United States, then you’ll know that there are a hell of a lot of small towns with really stupid names that you literally won’t be able to believe somebody came up with and it’s absolutely great laughing your ass off at them.

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Thankfully now someone has decided to compile a map of all the lewdest town names in each state of the United States so you don’t have to drive across its entirety or spend ages looking at maps to find them all. Thanks dude:


Yeah I mean this really is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve looked at it intently about three times now and every time I’ve spotted something that’s even funnier than the previous times. I think my favourites have to be ‘Intercourse’ (so blunt), ‘Beaver City’ (almost subtle), ‘Three Way’ and the totally stupid town name of Butts. I think I may have actually driven through there once and laughed my ass off too.

Yeah, just confirmed it with a friend – we did. Great joint, definitely recommend it. Make sure you hit up Butts if you’re ever in Georgia dude.

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For more lewdness, check out these naked teenagers performing sex acts on the floor of a dance club in Ayia Napa. Wouldn’t ever get that in Butts.


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