Here’s A Documentary About A Woman Sleeping With One Of The First Male Sex Dolls


The future of sex is here.

For as long as I’ve been aware of the sex doll industry, it’s pretty much been exclusively tailored towards men buying female dolls for them to get their end off with, but apparently that’s changing and doll companies are now producing them in the male form for women to use too.

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Always being on the cusp of weird goings on in society, VICE wanted to find out what these male sex dolls were all about and so produced the following 17 minute documentary on the subject starring noted sex journalist Karley Sciortino. I don’t really want to give anything away about what goes on in it, so go right ahead and dive in:

Karley did find it completely creepy, saying the following:

It’s just weird because it’s so life like that it enters this space that feels uncomfortable. It feels like a person that can’t respond to you.

Yeah, that doesn’t really sound like something I’d be too interested in, but if you’re a girl reading this and you’re interested in grabbing a doll, then it’ll set you back around £5000. The price could rise as high as £8000 though if you want to get all the add ons like a customisable head. Probably worth the investment to be honest and it seems like the industry is booming – one guy in the documentary says that they’re no receiving the same amount of orders for male dolls as they do female. Growth industry or what.

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