These Are The Answers When People Were Asked ‘Could You Kill A Baby Hitler’

Baby Hitler

Would you?

Yesterday the New York Times Magazine decided to find out whether people would take the opportunity to go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby. ‘Dear Reader’ is a weekly survey that the magazine conducts of its audience, using a different question each time, and this was the latest.

The overall consensus was yes, people would annihilate the little bastard before he could even walk with 42% saying they would take the opportunity if it was offered. Meanwhile, 28% of people were unsure if they could do it and the remaining 30% said they wouldn’t. Understandably, this is receiving a great deal of attention. The magazine posed the same question to Twitter when they shared the results of the survey. In typical internet fashion some of the responses are priceless. We’ve picked out the best for your entertainment, check them out below.

And in case you’re wondering, I’d fuck that kid’s shit up any day. Or you could just tell him his art was good and encourage him to follow his dreams, but best not take any chances, right?


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