Hench Dad Puts A Picture Of Himself On Daughter’s T Shirt To Scare Off The Boys In A+ Parenting Masterclass

Now that’s how you parent.

A while back we wrote about the mum who advertised for ‘cool black kids’ to hang out with her son after he was getting bullied at school. Well, she’s just been outdone by two time World pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Kit Dale who figured out this awesome technique to keep the boys away from his daughter — have her wear a T-shirt with a photo of him looking ripped as fuck on the front:

Dad Daughter

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Genius. Not only does it let the boys know who they’re messing with if they try to bully/chat up his daughter, it’s also a great advertisement of himself to any MILFs who take their kids to the same school. Smart parenting on so many levels.

Not sure the dad who kicked his son down the skate ramp would get as much props though.


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