Helena Hauss’ Biro Art Takes You Back To Your Wild Youth

Helena Hauss is a master of the Bic biro.

Helena Hauss is a Parisian illustrator who’s in love with the colour blue and the Bic biro pen. Her work takes you behind the bike sheds at school and down the graveyard after dark. Although her art isn’t as conceptually wild as the manga gore stuff we’ve covered recently, it has its own edginess and naughtiness to it. It’s more along the lines of sneaking back into your parent’s house in the early hours rather than cutting out someone’s spleen.

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According to Hauss she started working in biro because it was the easiest thing to use to prevent her getting caught whilst drawing at the back of the class. Her work is nearly always on a large scale and the detail she includes is incredible, particularly the way she draws hair. She’s a bit good.

When Hauss started out as an artist, despite clearly having the skills that pay the bills, she was a bit embarrassed about her love of the Bic biro:

In the beginning I used to feel a little bit ashamed for using ball-point pens, like I didn’t feel like a real artist, but in more recent years I noticed it became kind of a trend and I got to embrace it.

We’ve compiled some of her best bits here for you to peruse at your leisure.

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Helena Hauss - Biro Illustration - Creativity Tub

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