Blink 182

Blink 182 drop Heart’s All Gone – the second track from their first album in 8 years ‘Neighbourhoods’.

Blink 182

Blink 182 have posted up another song from their new album Neighbourhoods which is coming out in September sometime. This new Blink 182 song is called Heart’s All Gone. Surprisingly, considering the standard of the last new Blink 182 song ‘Up All Night’ – which Sick Chirpse premiered a few weeks ago – it’s actually pretty good. It’s really fast, has some great drum fills and Tom Delonge doesn’t sing on it. Pretty much all the ingredients for a great new Blink 182 song right?

You can check it out at and then pressing CTRL +A to highlight the secret instructions which allow you to listen to it. Mysterious. I’ve stuck a Youtube link of the new blink 182 song Heart’s All Gone below as well but it will probably get taken down fairly instantly as Blink 182 seem to be able to employ some people who lurk youtube/the internet constantly to ensure that people can’t hear their new songs easily. Or at least can only hear them in the method that they choose.

Anyway,  what do you think of this new Blink 182 song? It’s got me more excited about the upcoming record ‘Neighbourhoods’ than ‘Up All Night’ did, that’s for sure. I might even go as far as to say that this new Blink 182 song is better than the majority of songs on the self titled Blink 182 album – in terms of traditional Blink 182 pop punk and not weird guitar sounds and song structures that is.

Maybe the rest of the new Blink 182 album is gonna be full of fast bangers like Heart’s All Gone rather than weird songs like Up All Night? Maybe all the new Blink 182 songs will be fast and good? Maybe Tom Delonge won’t sing that much/not be a twat on the new Blink 182 songs? Who knows, guess we can only wait and see. What do you all reckon?


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