NASA Have Placed An HD Camera On The International Space Station And Are Live Streaming The Earth

HD Earth Viewing Project

This is a pretty cool idea and a great way to cash in on the success of Gravity.

It’s kind of surprising nobody though of doing this earlier because it’s pretty awesome, and probably the most peaceful thing in the world – perfect for when you’re getting baked or tripping hard or coming down off a particularly harsh pill.

NASA basically had the excellent idea to stick an HD camera on the side of the International Space Station and broadcast the ensuing footage live 24 hours a day as it orbited the Earth, so you pretty much just see the Earth from space constantly and try and spot all the different countries and where exactly you are right now as well. It’s cute, inspiring and mind-blowing all at the same time.

If you’re watching this and it’s black, it means that the space station is circling the Earth on the side that is during night so don’t get worried that the stream is broken or anything. There also deliberately isn’t any music so you can add your own, which I’m sure will be a lot of fun for everyone reading this when they decide to watch it. It would be a great thing to put on a projector at a party or something for everyone to trip out to.

The official NASA line behind the video is that they’re testing out the outside effects that space has on video cameras etc as this will determine whether they use them in the same capacity on space missions in the future – the project is even called the HD Earth Viewing Experiment – but it was probably just the idea of some guy at NASA whose kids were bugging him to set up a live  stream of the Earth. And the rest of the world thanks him, because this is awesome.

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