HBO’s New True Crime Drama Is Being Called ‘Jaw Dropping’ And ‘Compellingly Twisted’

Essential viewing.

We talked about how excited we were about HBO’s new true crime documentary ‘I Love You, Now Die‘ back in April, but now that the reviews are out we’re even more pumped for the show to premiere on Sky Crime come October 4th.

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The two part series tells the story of Michelle Carter and her boyfriend Conrad Roy, who killed himself back in 2014 after experiencing various battles with mental illness. Sadly nothing that unusual there, other than the fact that he was encouraged to end his life by his long distance girlfriend Michelle Carter via text message. Carter was subsequently found guilty of involuntary manslaughter as she told Roy to get back into his truck after it was filling with carbon monoxide gas.

I remember at the time during the case, Carter was painted as a malevolent bitch who manipulated Roy into killing himself for her own sick and twisted pleasure, but this documentary seeks to look at the case and find out what really happened. By all accounts – including those of several mental health professionals – Roy wanted to die, so were Carter’s actions in encouraging to achieve this goal criminal or not?

The documentary is split into two parts, one which examines Carter’s point of view in the case and the other which looks at that of the prosecution.  Check out the trailer below:

Yep, can’t deny that looks like it’s going to be intriguing. Here’s what a couple of reviews have said about it:

Decider: ‘jaw-dropping -a rarity during a time defined by overinflated true crime docuseries.’

Variety: ‘an unusually credible and careful entry in its genre, and one devotees and novices alike should check out.’

TV Insider: ‘compellingly twisted.’

For some reason the whole documentary is already on YouTube, so you can watch that below if you’ve got a spare couple of hours (it’ll probably be taken down pretty soon though so make sure you’re quick):

For more of the same, check out the producers of ‘The Jinx’s new show. That looks like it’s gonna be special too.


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